Jack Skunk | Dr. Jolly's

jack Herer x skunk #1

25% INDICA, 75% SATIVA   24.18%THC/0.45%CBD

Jack Skunk, or J-1, is a high energy hybrid of the two world famous sativa dominant strains, Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Shades of olive and lime make up the color of the flowers, which can hardly be seen underneath the thick layer of frosty amber trichomes. This strain embodies the best qualities of its parent strains and is well known for its fresh citrus and sugary flavors and musky sour undertones. Jack Skunk is a potent medicine and it offers an uplifting, energetic, clear-headed, euphoric buzz and is recommended for patients who need to be mobile, yet medicated.

Jack Skunk has the following flavor profile:Citrus, Sweet, Musky, Sour, Fruity

Jack Skunk makes patients feel:Clear-headed, Uplifted, Energetic, Appetite Stimulation, Body/Head Relaxation

Jack Skunk helps patients relieve: Appetite loss, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Pain, Stress.

Suggested use to help with:ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, migraines, PTSD, nausea, appetite stimulation, wasting syndrome.